fundr prospect feed

Prospect Feed

With Fundr's Prospect Feed you can easily scroll through and discover 500+ prospects and it is continually updated when new information becomes available.

The feed is customisable and allows you to filter by region, next key date, support type and partnership value.

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Fundr prospect profile

Prospect Profile

Each profile is continually updated and shows you the key information you need to begin in-depth research or make an approach. Find out where the company usually focuses its support, the potential value and when an opportunity might become available, then use the contact details to get in touch directly.

A recent article or the relevant company webpages is always provided so you can build a more detailed picture of the prospect.

Take Control
Stay on top of your prospects

Calendar Events

Take the guess work out of when you should speak to a prospect. Put the suggested date in your calendar directly from each prospect and get in touch at the right time


See a prospect you want to investigate a bit closer? Save it to your Favourites and build up a prospect pipeline in the app with all of your best prospects in one place