What is Fundr?

Fundr is a new tool designed to help corporate fundraisers raise more money for the causes they care about.

Corporate fundraising will continue to play a key role in every charity’s drive to become more financially sustainable, offering access to cash, in-kind, pro bono and to groups of employees, who can become future regular donors, and raising charity brand awareness.

However, against a backdrop of an increasing need for the services charities in the UK provide, chasing companies for snippets of information and wasting valuable time can be incredibly frustrating for fundraisers. Fundraisers at smaller charities can also find themselves at a disadvantage against the largest, household name charities, who have the manpower, skills and resource available to create monopolies on the most valuable opportunities.

Fundr has been built as a response to this.

If you and your charity and are looking to fundraise from companies but are unsure where to start, save time trawling through internet articles and stop using out-of-date, expensive prospect resources by using Fundr, the only app-based prospecting tool in the UK for fundraisers.

Fundr about
Fundr collaboration

A collaborative platform

Fundr has been designed to bring together, for the first time, a dynamic and ever-growing list of corporate partnership prospects, highlighting when we think you should contact them, how the partnership works, where they like to support and how much it could be worth to your charity.

If you’re a fundraiser, tell us if some information is missing or wrong, if you represent a company, tell us if you want to promote your opportunity.

For companies wishing to streamline their charity selection processes, promoting or providing accurate information for what you are looking for can ultimately reduce the time you spend responding to or reviewing unsuitable charity approaches.

Meet The Team

Tom McKenzie profile picture

Tom McKenzie

Tom is an experienced corporate fundraiser with experience of working at some of the UK’s most well-known charities, including The Prince’s Trust and NSPCC, and more recently international NGO’s Médecins du Monde and UNHCR.

Within these roles, Tom has formed partnerships with the private sector and influencers, while exploring new ways of working. This has included music publishing, online job advertising and creating the web-app ClinicFinder, which helped migrants and refugees find healthcare services.

Tom is passionate about forming innovative relationships with leading private sector thinkers, who share the same vision of a world where every person is treated with dignity and given the opportunity to thrive.

Adam McKenzie profile picture

Adam McKenzie

Adam is a web developer with 4 years of industry experience. What started as a passion for all things web and design has evolved into designing and developing web and mobile applications for clients such as the NHS and FTSE 250 companies such as Travis Perkins.

In his spare time Adam tackles a wide variety of projects from websites to mobile apps in order to engage his creative side and to stay on top of industry developments and wider cultural changes.

What all of Adam's projects have in common is his aim to connect people with data in accessible, intuitive approaches through pratical but creative design.